Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I’ve come a long way!

  • From the anthill to the hallway to the sugar cube to the anthill is a long way for an ant.
  • From the farmers to the market is a long way for the rice grain.
  • From the egg to the chick to the chopping table is a long way for the chicken.
  • From the bed to the bath and back to the bed is a long way for an ailing elderly person.
  • From the bed to the bathroom to dining table to school gate to class is a long way for a toddler.

  • After an overwhelmingly occupying morning with the kitchen and kids, from the bath to the dresser to the dining table to the vehicle through the traffic to the office campus gate to the elevator to the desk to the login is a long way for a working mom.

    So, when we say, "I’ve come a long way", could it really mean that we have been through some experiences worth our while?

    • Dreams take us a long way than the Waking hours.
    • Struggles take us a long way than the Effortlessness.
    • Failures take us a long way than the Successes.
    • Understanding takes us a long way than Indifference.
    • Forgiveness takes us a long way than Grudge.
    • Truth takes us a long way than Falsity.
    • Love takes us a long way than its absence.
    The next time you say or hear ‘ I have come a long way’ from someone, watch for these pointers - Dreams, Struggles, Failures, Understanding, Forgiveness, Truth, Love.  Along the way, the person would have seen or been through one or all of these experiences that makes her say " I've come a long way'

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    Friday, March 16, 2018

    We are born with positivity!

    All of us are built to be positive. We do not need someone to make us feel positive. 

    Going by electrical polarity, current flows from positive terminal to negative terminal. Electrons flow from negative to positive. Just run a search to know more, if you want to convince yourself of your lessons from high-school science classes.

    Recall Math lessons? Plus x Minus = Minus.

    We are inherently positive people. 

    By the Creator’s design, we have a certain mental energy level, which in different theories of Times and Geographies, have been manifested as aura, strength, shakti, positivity and many more of beautiful verbiage in spiritual diction. All of these refer to the inherent drive to live life positively with a purpose ( which we may or may not know ) that each one of us being born in this world will eventually and definitely meet. 

    This may be why are able to attract Negatives (Our thoughts, words or deeds may be negatively influenced by something that someone thought, said, or did). 

    Pessimism and negativity are perfectly acceptable in life as without them we would not be able to realize what it is like to be optimistic and positive.However, negativity is not appreciated to be dwelling in us, because that’s not what we are created to live with. We do not know to deal with it. None of us does. We simply are not cut to live with negativity.

    Negativity disturbs our health and happiness big time! This needs no explanation as you can see that the Internet has scores of articles in every field of medicine associating negativity to stress to dis-ease. Exactly why people talk so much about being positive or staying in the original state of energies that we all have come into the world with.

    External agencies ( situations, people, events, incidents, emotions, accidents, expectations, desires, goals, temper, temptations) seem to cause negativity because of our own swiftly depleting positivity that we came in with.

    We may need someone to help us know the negatives as ‘being negative to us’. Often a friend, a parent, a foe, a manager, a teacher,  a child, a spouse, or just an angry expressive individual would help us know/feel negativity with their helpful temperamental outbursts or with friendly, calm, soft, caring, emotional, or good word of caution.

    As an after-thought, I am thankful for every such exchange, because negatives if unnoticed, by the science and math laws we saw earlier, can just flow towards us and fuse with our inherent positivity and drown us totally.

    Let’s thank the sense of being able to identify the negativity, either by self or by seeking help, so we find ways to retain positivity, stay healthy, live happy, and completely on-course with our purpose in life.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018

    Memories - As we Make It

    A short story as heard…

    On a late evening, a group of college students was gathered to celebrate their friend’s birthday. The beautiful girl was dressed in her best party outfit, new and pretty, and her smiles flashed that she was truly happy. ( I smiled too..)

    Outside the gate, three boys were into a big argument about something and it turned ugly and unfair for one of them. He was visibly hurt as seen from his eyes. ( I could sense that too..)

    However, as it was time for the party, they had to move indoors. They were well-mannered people in that they decided to honor the invite in spite of the bad turn of events. ( Must’ve been really grim, I thought..)

    A few others in the group had caught what’s going on too. ( Made it worse, I imagined… )

    The hurt man walked into the hall with a raging temper.. (Yes, takes a lot to calm immediately after a stormy verbal match. )

    A smart young lady who was his friend swiftly walked up to him.( I liked her instantly. A friend stands by your side when you need support.) 

    He said something to her in a raging temper to which she calmly, reassuringly, and assertively said “ I understand. Save the temper for tomorrow. Today is her day. Let’s help her make happy memories “.
    ( Beautiful thought...I realized)

    How often do we spoil another person’s mood even if she does not belong in the fight or its fall out, by speaking/fighting/arguing/being temperamental/emotional without thinking?? I have done many times. It has always been my temper over-powering me than the other person’s fitment in the whole story.

    What remains in life is memories. I am learning it well and have it right. 

    To the party host and the princess of the evening, if this young man had spoken up his temper and the scene had changed, it would come up as part of her sweet memories every time. 

    We do not want stains in happy moments. None of us do. So, why not ensure the same for the rest of the world too?? Why not wait a bit, think a little, assess the place, event, and context before expressing unpleasantness?

    Credits and Thanks:

    I thank the friend who narrated this little event to me, of which I made a quick story, as I pictured of it and spoke what I felt. Golden advice like these have to be rewarded by simply remembering to follow them until it becomes ingrained in us. I thank the friend in the story whose wisdom bit is worth a try.

    Thursday, March 08, 2018

    How much is too much? How much is Enough? How much does it take to be content?

    I looked up "Technical writing trends online" when an idea occurred to me as I was writing today. I saved the lookup for the afternoon, because I knew I will need a diversion. Upon a few casual clicks on the subject I was looking for ( Simplified Technical English ), I figured out something…
    1. Every one is unsure of the importance of his/her job in the other person’s mind.
    2. There is a race for being on-top-of-everything in a given field to grow up the ladder.
    3. There is a confusion about being a generalist and specialist. "Which is fancy now?” is a big race in the already maddening race that we are on.
    4. How much is too much? is still a big question in life when it comes to knowledge and learning.
    5. "Do you have to know this and this and this also to be what you want to be?? “ is according to me a perineal professional dilemma.
    6. Where are you as a person anywhere?? You can be an engineer, a doctor, a professional with a million claps by half of the globe’s population for your professional feat, but personally, does anyone even care a lil about what you may have gone through to make it there?
    7. When will people understand that more and more of work and its superficial threats to existence such as career goals, expectations, furthering skills and knowledge etc... and less and less of real connections with people, make a man sick, poor, and foolish??
    8. Just what do we want to achieve? - Fame? Name?Money?Perfection?
    9. Whom do we want to satisfy? - Ourselves? Other people?
    10. It is either over-evaluating or undermining ourselves more often than not, which makes us as fidgety as we all are.
    • Every site says their business is the best. What is the benchmark of Good, Better and Best in anything?
    • Every professional claim his work deserves a promotion. If everyone gets promoted who will do the not-so-key jobs? And How many CEOs can a company have anyways?
    • Every employer says that the employee should have done better. Why did you not say earlier on anyways?
    • Every employee says that the company should provide better benefits. What will keep an employee happy anyways?
    • Every customer says the business needs to be more customer-centric. Who else do they think the business is making products for?
    • Every business claims that the customers today have changed ways. Really?? Value for Money has changed, so has the customer may be?
    Coming to think of the complete picture, every one is just plain unhappy with what ever situation they are in. Most do not say. Have we forgotten what real happiness may be like?? 

    May be!. Its just too fast-paced a world, to stop and think about how much happy we ought to be than our ancestor generations when food, clothing, and shelter were all it took for people to Smile, be Happy and Thankful too!!.

    Friday, March 02, 2018

    Yeh Dil Hai Mushkil - This Heart is Tough

    The Hindi movie, 'Yeh Dil Hai Mushkil' was a total chance click on one late night movie time. After quite a while, I sat for a Karan Johar movie.

    I have not been watching too many movies so I don't know if the industry has got some changes in thinking like my own mind has, but I can say that I saw this movie from a different perspective than what I saw on the screen. Age catching up? Or Wisdom teaming up? Or am I becoming more 'accepting'? I don't know which one is true, but I liked the movie for the unsaid thoughts.

    The storyline is simple:

    An attractive boy falls in love with a very attractive girl. The overly expressive girl shares some affection for the boy, but it is more of a 'care' than the romantic love( which is usually the expected outcome when two people give a really long deep look into each other's eyes on the screen ).

    They part ways as they find their 'love' nests elsewhere. Or so they think.

    In course of time, they find that the nest which they thought would nurture love, started showing signs of depletion/non-existence/misconstrued notion.

    The girl is diagnosed with a disease that is a monster of today's times. Together the duo figures out that what he had for her was love with a little bit of romance tied to it and what she had for her was love too without romantic ties. And they come to terms with the fact and stay as companions.

    A neutral ending. Lovely Music. Beautiful Women. Deep Meaning.

    I didn't like the direction at all, but the underlying message in the movie was beautiful.

    Love is everywhere. In various forms. Let's not brand it as Romantic love always. When the soul needs love, the universe gives it somehow. Rarely we realize it. Those that do, are blessed and blissful in the feeling.

    God's love is so wonderful!.



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