Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pretty Lady

She is from the North-east of India. Her eyes and complexion and hair texture said that. In the last five days, I saw her every other morning, in the same local bus that I took to office. She usually wears very elegant western outfits and is more professional than most of our folks who wear costumes that disrupt elegance in the name of looking 'cool'.

Today, the whole crowd's attention was on this North-eastern beauty. She was dressed in a cream colored designer Saree (the Indian Traditional wear, in case you are a non-Indian reader), hair tied up presentably, accessories that matched the saree's red border and a very simple, yet nice foot wear that went well with the careful choice of her attire.

I was amazed at the way she carried herself in the crowded bus. To wear a saree and get into a crowded bus requires a totally different level of experience. It gets very tough to manage the saree without disturbing the pleats. She walked like she is used to wearing saree every day.

A sharp contrast to some of us here, who know to wear saree, but behave like it is a total new fashion.
  • Few women walk like remote-controlled dolls on the days that they wear saree.
  • Some others say 'No' to saree because they think it takes a long time to drape a saree well.
  • Many girls say 'No' to saree because they think it is a little 'revealing' in comparison with the other casual outfits.
  • A lot of ladies say 'No' to saree because they think it attracts a lot of attention.
  • Most others say 'No' to saree because they think it makes them look older.
While our ladies can think of so many reasons why 'Saree' is not okay, I am impressed with this one pretty young lady for she found one special reason to wear a saree today. She was looking very celestial and I could not stop myself from giving her a quick compliment..

"You look beautiful", I told her... The "Thank you" followed by a lovely smile that came back made the pretty lady look prettier.


Cool4u said...

Nice Post, just like ur other ones. I have been reading ur posts lately. Must complement u for the spontaneity of thought and command over the language to express the same.
However, I am intrigued at why u would have on your blogroll, blogs which have no fresh posts from six months to over a year?

Deepak G said...

oh i think all sari clad ladies r pretty :)

Arjun B S said...

I may not have much to say about the Saree, but I can sure vouch for the fact that our people from the NE know how to carry off outfits; anything! We can learn a lot from them.

Videhi Visali said...

Interesting experience..

I agree to your observations and I happen to be one of those remote-controlled dolls when in a saree.

However, I strongly feel that every Indian girl looks her best in a saree!

Dew Drop said...

Thanks, all.
@ Cool4u:
I have been wanting to check how they've been doing and if they are planning to write at all... should do it sometime. Thanks for pointing it out.:-)
Keep reading and posting your valuable feedback.

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