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Our Last Working Day!!!

On this Earth, for most human beings, comes unannounced and as a complete surprise!! Human beings have many priorities at the many pedestals they stand upon, in the various stages of their lives. In the pedestal of childhood, the most important stage is to make new friends and the highest priority besides cakes and chocolates is to play outdoor games. In the pedestal of adolescence, the most important stage is to leave home to go to University for most people, and the highest priority is to enjoy everything. In the pedestal of early adulthood, the most important stage is to achieve in education and the highest priority is to be independent. In the pedestal of adulthood, the most important stage is to find a life partner and the highest priority is to live a happy marriage. In the pedestal of middle-age, the most important stage is to keep the family happy and the highest priority is to find our own happiness despite the odds facing us. In the pedestal

Talk to Teen and Know there is a Maze

I met this expressive, brilliant, sensitive, bubbly and beautiful teen kid yesterday. Had a lot of talking time. 'If you are bored with life, catch hold of a child and talk’, is what I used to think. But, the newer version is ‘Talk to a Teen’. Three plus hours with her and her folks made me wonder…. Lots are being said about…. well a lot of things today.  How to raise smart kids? How to do it yourself? How to find work-life ba lance? How to enjoy life? How not to eat? How not to live? How not to talk? How to speak to a child? How much is too much in disciplining a child? How to use a specific technology? What is it like to travel to this exotic place? How spirituality is important? How politician is the only cause for virtually any problem in the society? How much is too much of information? How to multiply money? How to become famous? How to be rich and get richer? How to sit?  How to sleep? How to stand? When there is so much that’s already

Mind the Contents of your MIND

This morning, I was looking for something and found a piece of newspaper with a news article on a ‘No-brainer’ technique to something. Books say that we already use little of our brain power. More of automation, simplification, and 'no-brainer' tips/techniques/tricks may just end up in a rusty and lazy brain in us and the 'growing up' younger generation, is my subtle, yet, pronounced worry. While we want everything automated, simplified, and made as convenient as possible, we forget that we should have more time to live. Do we have that kind of time today? Without these luxuries and engineered lives we have today, how did our previous generation do it all, yet have time and live a better life than we all do?? The answer to this question is a simple realization I had: We always want more. With the underlying belief of always wanting more of things, people and their time, we have derailed from the path of what matters:   Contentment, Value Principles,

Career - Part Two - Year One - Thanks Note!

Every person is a gift of God! Every person has the power to Grow! I was caught in a whirlwind of surprise when I picked up a call from a friend who has significantly contributed to my career - innings 2. It was lovely to feel and hear the wish from him, as I complete my first year at work. Over the last year, I have many people to thank for helping me see this day at work. Maids, Cooks, Caretakers, School Principals, School Teachers, Family,Friends, Co-workers, Auto drivers, Grocers, Doctors, Home nursing services and above all my parents, sister, a friend and my manager at work, who made it happen so I could see this date!! Thinking back… How many times I fell almost in despair! How many times I have given up! How many times I have lost my cool! How many nights I have thought this through! How many people were nice to me! How many people bent their rules for me! How many people gave their time for me! How many people tried to understand me!

Everything takes time - In Its Time!

I think about someone who was upset when we spoke earlier today. I see a temple at the crossroads and say a quiet word of prayer for the person. I look down on the pavement and see an insect writhing, in an effort to be moving again. I drift off in thoughts... For some reason, I am able to connect the dots and see the Universe's message for me. The person is struggling too. A lot of pain it must be. I wish and hope it gets soothed and healed by a miraculous touch of the Universe.  I recall from school: Make me beautiful in your eyes; Make me truthful in your ears; Make me strong in body and in mind; Make me gentle, good, and kind; Help me, dear God, to do my duty always; Wherever I am let me do my part!. That makes me wish if there is something I must do, I better know! The Universe is what I trust in. As an afterthought... I did not help the insect back on its track. I have never done to date. Too bad, I realize late. Hours later, I get off a bus, headed homeward.

Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life! What could it be really?? On a casual yet, planned conversation yesterday with a friend of mine, he mentioned: "Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten to enjoy life". The ‘we’ referred to most people in the Indian sub-continent. I could not agree more. An hour ago, in the Monday morning traffic, window-seated in a bus, I was listening to a very famous Tamil poet’s song: Chinnanchiru Kileye sung by a voice that practically can stop me on my tracks: Unnikrishnan. Oh! it was divine - the whole experience! I watched the fresh green leaves of the Gulmohar trees lined up on the road, sway in a perfect choreography to the tune. [I enjoy Bharatanatyam, the South-Indian classical dance, so much that I start mentally choreographing some really good musicals as I listen to songs. I did not chance to perform in twenty plus years now, still, the love of Bharatanatyam has not faded one bit in my being.] The experience was all the more engagingly enjoyable and