Thursday, April 04, 2013

Interesting thought on Management

Delegate, Appreciate and Rule!!

Often, its best to leave some jobs to others for one of the following reasons:

1. They do the job well.
2. They are trained in the job.
3. They need to focus on just that one job.
4. They are employed to do the job.

So, Good Managers, know to delegate the right job to the right person.

With delegation, comes the expectation about appreciation for a job well done. It is very important for your subordinate or colleague who has accepted an assignment from you to know how much you appreciate the work or favor.. Often it is a favor adorning the helmet of Work, in most cases.

Good Managers appreciate all the best points about the job and then talk about the improvement suggestions  on the same.

When you know to delegate the right job to the right person, and use the right word to appreciate and give feedback, you naturally get to have employees who listen to you and accept your way of working; which means you get to Rule.

A Good Manager gets to Rule theWork World!!!

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Murtaza said...

I stumbles the post, that are beneficial, and your post is one of them. Neat and clever content, keep it up.

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