Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Will the News channels listen?

Of late, my views on news channels have changed.. They keep changing often though. The current state of mind is this : News is not only about what is happening in the world around us but also about how much the news channel hypes up each news item.

There is all day coverage of whatever news item the channels decide to mark as KEY.

I simply dont understand the meaning and relevance of statements like ...." So and So has left his residence at 11:00 A.M for the trial in such and such a court.. "...

" So and So didn't answer any queries from the news correspondents prior to the hearing "...

" So and So did not offer any opinion"...

And all these for some news item that is just not too important in an otherwise chaotic world.

All day we get to see some news items getting repeated. This I agree, because it probably is important for anyone who switches on the TV at that hour. In such instances statements like the aforementioned don't really mean anything at all. Why waste the channel time and people's time??

Once I heard a doctor mention, people waste most of their healthy time watching news that is irrelevant to them at a certain age. There is always headlines to watch and read. Nothing else is required, he said in the context of a Healthy Heart.

Some points that I can think of for these news channels are:

  • Just  call a Spade a Spade... 
  • Categorize news and make mention about important news items once every session ( Morning, Noon, Evening and Night).
  • Interim timings should not be talking the same subject over and over again.Your flash news and line items will cover that for the casual watchers.
  • There can be documentaries and other talk shows scheduled in the interim timings. If at all anything serious and important happens and you have information that cannot wait until the next news hour, interrupt the programe and talk about the flash news.. 

In any case there is no need to cover anything all day.... funerals,cases and trials, wreckages and accidents.... Such cases are serious and important but do not call for repeated talks all day with the same statements and same status....

Will the news channels understand??

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