Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not exactly up to the mark!!!!

The first time I heard this was in my Chemistry Lab where I was learning to use a pipette for the Titration. I still remember wondering "why in the wide world should pipette be such a complicated equipment and will I ever get this teacher to say, " It up to the mark" when I measure the liquid?"

Many times from then on, the phrase " Not exactly up to the mark" kept popping up. Over the years I understand that Nothing really is up to the mark, its just that we define what the mark is...

Whether it is the way you do things or the way you feel about things, it is up to us to fix the mark. The more out of reach we keep the mark ( read as goals) the more we will have to listen ( or feel ) that phrase: Not exactly up to the mark!!!

So lower your goals first, achieve them.. Reset the goals to the next higher point, achieve them.. and at the end of every achievement never forget to say : Yes it is up to the mark!!! Your inner sense of confidence will feel lifted and automatically you will be able to do well every single time..

And the word Exact -  Just ignore it!!! Its the best way to feel good.. except for issues related to cash that you shell out of your pocket to a vendor where Tendering EXACT change is important!!! In all other cases, the word stands just to cause stress which is not worth your while. Well, I really hope you are not a cardiac surgeon reading this.. :-) This does not apply to surgeons and people dealing with ladies tailoring too...

This is just a musing this afternoon, when I had a minute for myself. 

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