Monday, September 23, 2013

Onam Special - Inji Thayir

This dish is supposedly served in all the Malayalee homes as part of festival Sadhyas. It is believed to be equivalent to 1008 dishes. Well, I didn't say that.. a Keralite told me this.

Here is how you make it:

- Chop ginger into fine pieces, enough to grind well in your mixer.Add a spoonful of grated coconut, one spoon of cumin seeds, one green chilly along with the ginger.
- Grind all the contents into fine paste. Add little water if required to get the fine texture.
- Mix the ginger paste with thick curd.
- Add salt.

The Ingi Thayir is ready to serve.

This is usually suitable for any Kerala Sadhya item which is very bland. There are quite a number of nice less spicy dishes that they make. Ingi Thayir was a good combo with the Eriserri I made for Onam. 

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