Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Apple Raita

Here is a very simple side dish for Rotis and variety rice. My  father's idea and it came out very well. It is every one's favorite in my house. I make it when apples remain in the fridge untouched for more than three days.. According to me, if you have not eaten them in three days time then it is time for Apple Raita.

Here is how you make Apple Raita.

  1. Cut an apple into small pieces. ( You might want to remove the skin if you are serving old people and children under the age of two.This is quite a bit of work.)
  2. Add three table spoons of yogurt, half a tea spoon of salt.
  3. Add pepper or chat masala ( a north indian masala powder ) if you like.
  4. Garnish with finely chopped coriander, if possible.
To avoid the apple pieces changing color as soon as you cut them, add salt immediately, or another option would to be to put the apple pieces straight into salted yogurt. Experience will teach you what works best for you. In any case, the change in color wont hamper the taste.

If you have no more than five minutes to spend on a side dish for fried rice or rotis, Apple raita is your best bet.

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