Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where are we headed?

It is an old story - the gangster group misbehaves with a 23 year old college student in Delhi, India.

Ever since, every time I glance a news channel ( not my taste anyways, but it happens to be the best choice of channels for someone in my family, so when you walk here and there inside the house, automatically you get to see some news item) there is something related to an inappropriate treatment given to one lady or the other.

While the case of the Delhi girl is still waiting for justice, there have been many more such cases, one more ruthless than the other ( it is almost like a revenge towards women I would say)...

This morning, there was a news item where the bus conductor of the school bus misbehaved with a four year old Kinder Garten little angel. What could have been running on such psyched people's minds?

People are blaming the government, the police, the law for not taking action on crimes against women. Another group says that Women need to dress this way, behave this way, not go out late nights and many more page-length advice ( which I am sure are being given out in most Indian homes to their children ) on what 'Women' must NOT do. Another group ( heights of feminism ?? ) walks around talking about self- defense techniques and martial arts.

But.. But.. Not even one way to really deal with the minds of the men who behave the way they do to the young and old ladies and little children...Why are some men so psychologically affected, so much so they do not know what they are doing?? Why blame everything on alcohol? Why this KOLA VERI in the most literal sense??

I don't see an answer...

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Sowmya Gopal said...

It all boils down to how Indian society view 'women'. Its sad and hard to accept that the society is largely still misogynist and see the women as the weaker and subservient sex. Until long ago (and in some villages, even now), a girl marrying the man who raped her was (and is) considered the best solution !! The worst problem of rape, according to them, is the girl losing her 'purity'.

There are so many complaints now from foreign women travelers molested in India and when they confront the molesters, no one seems to care because everyone in India assumes foreigners sleep around and so they shouldn’t make a fuss about being molested ! I think the deep rooted problem is the Indian attitude towards people who are too weak to fight back (be it women or so called lower castes or anyone) and you can see it in the ‘’gang’’ rapes and beatings i.e. many against one when they are sure they have the upper hand….what a shame !

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