Monday, June 10, 2013

You might be the next!!!

The technical writer in me was compelled to read this on my way to the laboratory in a hospital recently!!!. 

YOU might be the NEXT!!!

The capitalized letters were marked in Red Bold. This sentence was followed by a diagram that seemed out of a medical text book -Which means no one other than the author of the source text or a doctor is going to be able to follow it.

The text below this sentence spoke about cervical cancer, a dreaded disease in the recent times. And I simply could not digest the fact that the reader is forced to believe that she is the next person in line to be affected. 

I always believe in being positive, more so in a hospital where people are fighting many disorders.. For a person walking into a medical laboratory, this board educating the importance of cervical cancer in a very negative note is super annoying..

The advertisement was supposed to be a warning to all women of all ages to have their systems checked for the Big C disease.. 

Some questions to whoever designed the piece...

What was your intention? To educate about the disease or to scare the common brain? Why couldn't you have written the same thing differently? Something like : You MIGHT be the next!!! Its easy to ignore the capital MIGHT as the word Might does not mean CERTAIN. Or the line could have been something like : Do you know? Did you know? Did you check? You need to know... Some such line that still gets people's attention but on a very nice note...

Will the medical professionals object to such pessimism?? 

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