Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning to Eat!!!

About an hour ago, we were having tea. My daughter (1 year old ) usually joins us if she is awake. She takes a bite from the biscuit in my hand.

Today, I wanted her to eat by herself. It is only when I tried thinking of ways to tell her, it struck me that it is important to actually learn to eat!!! I have always thought that eating is a natural process and does not have to be taught.. Children learn on their own... 

I kept a biscuit in her hand and she took it as usual to analyze it. Then, I guided the biscuit to her mouth and she immediately took a bite, like she usually does. Then she gave me this look which meant to say " Did I just do something out of the world? Why are you giving me that smile? ".. Then I repeated the same guidance just once more.. She was thrilled this time I guess. She was all smiles may be because she just understood something... Then, I took a bite of the biscuit in my hand and she started eating her own biscuit. And with every bite both of us were super impressed with the learning..

Now, my daughter is a proud achiever of this big degree of learning to eat a biscuit all by herself.

All this while I have been thinking that she is too small to know how much to bite or chew.. She did bite a piece bigger than she can chew but then casually dropped the big piece with her tongue and took the next bite, a smaller one this time.. All this learning was inherent, just needed some push.

I cant stop wondering how much more there is in this world for her to learn and grasp.I am stumbling thinking of the role I have to play in helping her grasp the larger picture of life!!!!Will I be able to bring out the inherent learning in her?? Slightly under-confident  May be too early now, but startling it is anyways!!! 


Narayana Swamy K said...

Congrats!! Am sure things will work out fine for you

Narayana Swamy K said...

Hey .. hope u remember me!! Used to blog in .. been years since i blogged last. Was going through the old posts and came across ur valuable comments! :)

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