Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is Moon?

Its the most important question according to me today... My one plus little girl now knows that the white crescent on the blue-black sky is called the Moon. She still does not get that the round ball of white on the full-moon lit night sky is the same Moon that she knows about..

I went on to explain the Moon to myself leaving alone the science. What would I call it??

A bright dome of white light in the night sky??...
Just a light close to the kind of white light in our living room??

In the City of Lights as I would like to call Muscat as, sometimes this white ball of light seems to fade in the background for my daughter's eyes as she watches out of the car window.. So these two explanations didn't seem okay to me.

I finally decided on this: Moon is the light given by God for us to see in the darkness of the nights. 

Not that she will follow this right away, but to think about it, in the olden days when transport didn't exist, people depended on the Moon to show them the way through the darkness when their lanterns didn't work.

The attempt to explain the Moon to my daughter brought up all these thoughts:

We have given scientific meanings and explanations to many things under the sun, but the base is always this: Everything that the nature has is meant to be useful for the life on earth. We think we know it all and have mastered the science and concepts, but there are things that are beyond our capacity to comprehend. 

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