Monday, August 05, 2013

Over conscious? or Just plain paranoid?

Don't have coffee in the morning. It is risky to your some organ.
Don't add refined sugar to any beverage u drink.. It is not good for your pancreas.
Don't eat too much nuts. High protein can also increase your weight.
Don't eat rice as stapled diet. It is high on carbohydrates.Can increase your risk of the Sugary disease.
Don't eat three meals only. Instead snack three times to make it six times. It is good for health.
Don't be so dependent on the Air Conditioner. It is not good for your weight.
Don't be so dependent on cars. It curbs your chance to exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
Don't use Microwave.
Don't use cell phone,
Don't watch TV.
Don't sit on computer for long hours.

Like this wherever you turn and whatever you do, there seems to be a caution of why you shouldn't be doing what you are doing? Wonder why suddenly people are scared so much and why were not our earlier generation so troubled? They seemed to have enjoyed life better than us. Is it because we are informed now and the elders had a better time being ignorant of what is happening around and in them?

Why are we stressing so much about life style when we know what we are doing is not right? Again is it possible to go back to the early times where everything was manual and life was so dependent on hard work all the time and money was a distant thought in most households.. They all had health though per the history books.

Wonder why??? And totally confused when walking up in the morning whether or not to do something... Will it affect health is the first question on mind.. Unable to even focus on the cooking and its taste because most of the time I seem to get worried about the cholesterol or carbohydrates in it or some cases the pesticides and the excess fat in the products we buy...  When I finally decide what to cook and how to go about it in a healthy way to my knowledge, I hear a doctor telling in the T.V, that it is important to have yourself checked for A, B, C, and D if u are above 40...

Although forty is quite a few years away for me, I really wonder if people are getting so many diseases these days because they are forewarned and are almost scared that they will get it one day and then keep testing themselves until the law of Universe decides to just grant their wish...

Life is becoming a paranoia turning into a nightmare later.Lets be more optimistic and just a little cautious is what I have finally concluded today in my mind.

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