Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonder Why?

Wonder why

  • Floods and famines have less importance than the election rallies?
  • Bomb blasts and terrorism are discussed more than the rights and duties?
  • Next door man doesn't behave like a friendly neighbor anymore?
  • Sending kids to school has become a scary thought?
  • In whatever we do there is a sense of caution?
  • Amassing wealth for self and family has become more important than amassing love and relationship?
  • Easy money and lotteries and game shows are taken more serious than 'just-a-game'?
  • Tomorrow seems more important than the lovely today?
  • We waste a lot of time doing nothing other than worrying about life at large be it personal, professional, social,economical, or political?
  • Man doesn't realize that he has better sense than animals and is supposed to behave like a human being?
  • Love and friendship have less importance than money and material comfort?
  • Living has become so tough than it was before, given that we live in a more advanced society with better education and supposedly better standard of living?
  • We think we can do it all??

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