Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heights of Procrastination

I'll live tomorrow..

Which is what most of the world seems to be saying each day and this according to me is the Height of Procrastination.

  • On the roads there are politicians conducting speeches about what must be done and what has not been done.
  • In homes there are people arguing about what is not correct and what should be done.
  • In schools the children are made to worry about what they might want to become in future, calling it nurturing their dreams and making them achieve it.
  • In temples devotees pray for what they want, what they do not want and often are worried souls.
  • In Ashrams and other spiritual healing centers the Gurus talk endlessly about : There is NOTHING in this worldly life and the confused common man endlessly tries to understand this seemingly small but actually a big truth.
  • In Work places the employees always crib about their jobs and pay checks and achievements and how the job market is low for a shift.
  • In business houses, there is always the argument about the loss and the want to achieve more and more profit in case they have had a profit.

Like this where ever we go and whatever we do there is a sense of not living at all.. Life seems to be spent worrying about what should be and shouldn't be, could be and couldn't be and what more and what less but never on What is..

What IS is the only truth on hands today.. Half or all of our problems are because we think of, worry about, fight for, living a great life TOMORROW.. A universal procrastination issue!!! that we all must fight out of our lives.

This is NOT to say, Don't save, Don't plan, Don't practice, Don't think.. It is just to say, While you LIVE today, worry less about things that are beyond your scope of understanding or control. Just do your bit and stay healthy and happy!!! In short Don't Procrastinate LIFE...This thought came up on my way back from the Dhanwanthri temple today.

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