Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jaan Pyaari Hai

That's the Hindi equivalent of "Life's dear".... True... We have all realised at one point or other in lives, but almost always we tend to forget it, till we come across another incident from which we chanced to escape by a stroke of luck.

Last week, my friend had to remind me "Jaan Pyaari hai" as we were all being guarded out of our office portals owing to a bomb threat/scare. I was very concerned.....worried.....feeling bad....completely lost.... not because I came to know that it was a bomb scare and that such news can ruin your peace of mind...... but because, I had left my dear hand bag behind at my desk as soon as I heard the announcement.....

It was a busy Friday afternoon at work and I was literally lost in a technical document that I was reading...An announcement voice said: Your attention please. You are requested to leave your work stations immediately and move to the safe zone outside the building.

I picked up my mobile on a reflex and walked out with the others. Little did I realise that it would be a bomb threat and that we would not be coming in for the next five hours. It was after all of us had walked out of the building that we came to know of the threat...

There was this guard ushering all of us to a safer distance. "The road had not been planned for such an emergency traffic", I thought(!!!!) ...I also thought that it was heights of absent mindedness or over confidence ( I couldn't tell which one dominated me that day) that caused the major flaw of life - Not carrying your hand bag when asked to leave the work station!!!!!

My thoughts when I was walking out with my thoughtful friend.....

Bad road - so crowded it is
Bad memory / commonsense - I should have brought my hand bag along
No money - How will I travel tonight?
No tickets - May be I'll take a print out.. How I love the Internet world!!! - I had an e-ticket..:)
No keys - I can ring the bell and some one will open the door..
I have not packed my baggage - That means I can't wear my favorite suit for the weekend plans I had.

I should have told out aloud one of these mind maps unconsciously, I guess..... I still remember the air of satisfaction and "Come on, get back to your senses " tone my friend had, when she said: Jaan Pyaari Hai Beti :)

The truth of it struck me immediately:

True... How many more times does nature and life has to teach people that sometimes, the very fact that you are alive is in itself a major stroke of luck? ......... while you are spending all your time worrying about what else has gone/ can go wrong, when the chances of your living on any given minute, is by itself a real GIFT :)

Well, it is not that I don't know that "Life is dear", its just that it is easy to forget it very often... :) especially when you know that "Nothing went wrong" ( when by all means it could have ) and it was just a "hoax" ( and didn't happen after all )... and that's when we complain about trivial things.

On another trail of thoughts.... I also realised that luck is not always bad on a bomb scare and if nothing happens to you , your hand bag/wallet is important anyways :)

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