Thursday, April 19, 2007


What does half-a-century mean to us?

The phrase sounds great as compared to the number fifty which is half of a cent. Cent as in the number hundred and not the cent that denotes the lower denomination of a US Dollar.

Wonder if we have ever cheered up about our score cards showing half a century back in school or college or even at work... We were never happy about half a century achievements as much as a century... Wondering aloud why?? :)

The phrase is all about optimism. For a person who scores 50% in something, saying "half-a-century" makes it sound positive and optimistic and also inherently gives the pat-on-the-back that all of us sometimes need to come up in life.

You might want to compare it with what it feels like to say 50%. Well, it doesn't sound bad either, except when some people add the unnecessary word 'just' to it. Let me spell it for you.. "Just 50%...".

I am so glad that I have completed 'half-a-century' posts as dewdrop.



vasudha said...

Congrats is quite an have 50 posts and each as interesting and thought provoking as the last one..:))


Sharmilah said...

Congrats Deepa.. Keep Writing like this. :) All the best.

Suresh GP said...

Awesome Deeps... Half a century mean a huge bonus in Cricket and so is it with Blogging...Keep Blazzing


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