Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ta ra ram pam

:) That's the name of the hindi movie I watched day before yesterday.. :)

Directed by Siddharth Anand, Ta Ra Ram Pam is a lovely movie with a lot of points to learn.. Well, if you are in the movie theatre after a hard day at work or after a mind boggling argument, or a 'not-so-easy' day, then you may curse the movie for its water works... I must admit that it is a little sentimental...

Sentiments... no matter how much we say, we dont want it, we all still are sentimental about a few prized things/feelings in life... and i guess it's just okay to watch such movies once in a while.. :)

but it is also a lot about a cute family.... :) a family which u will fall in love with for sure..

Ta Ra Ram Pam .... the story goes like this.... a carefree guy, who has dreams about becoming a racer, but has no means to become one, meets a friend who happens to be the manager of a Car Racers' team. Miss Fortune smiles and the guy also meets the right person and the right time and marries her. Over years he becomes a very popular racer and then suddenly Miss. Misfortune breezes the cute family's path and all joys go for a toss..

How did the family survive the problem is the rest of the story........

For more on this movie, and the what next questions , go ahead and watch the movie.. worth every second..

1 comment:

RIPUJIT said...

I think any movie which has Rani Mukherjee usually has a lot of sentimentality in it..
Maybe from ure reviews will watch movies from now on !!

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