Monday, August 06, 2007

Stop to think........

Finally, last Saturday I managed tickets to watch the much-hyped Tamil movie, "Shivaji" starring Rajinikanth in one of the seven auditoriums of PVR Cinemas, Bangalore.

We reached the place at about 3:00 O clock, just in time for the 3:10 show. I don't particularly recall when I had become impatient about the delay in a movie theatre... but for the kind of money you pay here, I think I began to expect great service.... which for a start meant meant, screening the movie show on time.

We waited till 3:20 for the "doors of the fort" of Audi - 4 to open and walked on the red carpet (Required????!!!!!???), found the seat and settled with the costly and famous duo of popcorn and coke we had just bought. Could not help thinking about the last time when the popcorn tripped off my hand, scattered all over the carpet...and about how I was sorry about that throughout the show... :)

During the intermission, we stepped out to shell out some more money on a plate of north indian snacks. As we started eating, we realised that we would get late for the second half of the movie if we stood outside the Audi till we finish eating. Every one else in the theatre had their hands full of eatables and paper cups. I was considering starting my own movie theatre for a minute when I understood the intelligence the PVR Cinema proprietors had. This place didn't allow outside food and had costly snacks. No one seemed to have any thought on spending so heavy for a minimal quantity of the eatables that you got. So the theatre made a huge profit, even after you consider the expenses on maintenance... My movie theatre dream got disturbed when 'Shivaji' started talking on the screen.

After the show got over, with a lot of queries on the worth of the money that the director has spent on the movie, and the craze of the people for the movie I stood up from where I was seated. I stepped onto the paper plate that I had plugged on to the coke holder on my chair, intending to throw it out after the movie. I had no idea when the plate had fallen off.. I trashed the plate and the coke cup at the nearest dustbin, on my way out of the Audi.

In the now, well-lit Audi, it was sad to see that the plates and cups and plastic covers were scattered all over the place.The people in the theatre seemed to be well educated enough to know the importance of keeping a public place clean. Yet, no one bothered about clearing the paper plates and cups after they were done.

Immediately, I recalled the wait outside the theatre that all of us had to put up with ( albeit for ten minutes ) before the movie began and how I hated it. Now I was wondering how many long minutes it would take for the house keeping folks to have this place cleared up before the next screening which was due in ten minutes... They were pretty fast I should say. Still, for the kind of mess the Audi was in, I am sure the next show would have got delayed....

Now I know, there is no point in blaming any delay, for all you know, you or your folks might be the cause for it.... Stop, think and then blame.... :) May be we never will blame anything or anyone if we really stop to think.... :)

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