Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It was a cold Sunday morning when I reached this "Cool" city. I was shivering literally while I waited at the bus stop for a friend who had promised to be at the bus stop to receive me. According to her, I am new to the city and there is every chance of me getting lost. :)

Quick snaps from the city over the last three days of my stay here...

Cool city - It is a great change for me from the Tropic climate in Chennai to the pleasant climate in Bangalore....

Lazy city - People take their own sweet time to start and gear up for the day ahead....

Friendly people - Everyone I met was willing to help me with anything I needed to locate in the city... I am not that used to this 'over-friendliness' that a caution alarm started ringing in my mind and it has still not stopped.

Crowded buses - Not to beat Chennai Local transport, still it is new to me as all along I have stayed away from the crowded city buses in Chennai.

Jammed traffic - For a five minute running time, you need to cross five red lights at five signals, and ten speed breakers and spend twenty minutes in any vehicle you commute. ( This statistics is extrapolated from the data I collected from my own experience .. :)

Fair North Indian Food - The eateries here serve fairly good North Indian dishes. Need to take care about the butter and paneer that gets added to your plate unexpectedly.

Complex language - Kannada seems complex to me.. Should learn, else it is going to be tough to manage the shopping and autos. Thankfully a lot of the localites here manage to understand Hindi and Tamil fairly well. I even spotted an auto with the Word 'Rajini' written in tamil wrongly spelt as 'Ra - ii - Ni' for the letters in tamil.

That 's what i am able to manage for now, as the clock is ticking and the climate outside is getting cold.. :) Need to leave , Until the next post,
:) smile and have fun.

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your comment about Bengalooru was so cool, like to read more postings :) - 531v4

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