Sunday, August 12, 2007

This wish was special and a grand surprise to me on my birthday.. Have been thinking of posting it for quite long now.. Here it is...

A year older,
A year wiser

A year younger in your aspiration,
A year younger in your innocence

A year more of life and jubilation,
A year more of sense and nonsense

A year less of your tears that you can forget,
A year less of your trials and worries

A year added for your good memories and dreams,
A year added in your score of good friends

A year subtracted from your disappointments,
A year subtracted in anger and bad memories

A year more of opportunities you can get,
A year more of good food and amma's curries...

A toast to your new lease agreement with life :)

May all happiness and dreams find their way to you.

Some thoughts and people bless your lives in a very special way on your very special day.... This poetry is one of them....

Thanks friend. :) :) With due respect to the promise I gave my friend about not disclosing the identity and my own principle of not using my friends' original names in my blog, I have not given my friend's name here.. :)

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