Saturday, June 09, 2007

On Birthday


I just turned sixteen :) Well that is what I want to think always... :) Actually getting older and wanting to get better each day!!!! :)

According to some people, Birthday is just another day, with just about the same or similar happenings and experiences.... but coming to think of it....

Isn't birthday a day to

- say thanks for a dawn of another new year,
- respect parents and friends for what they are and have been till date,
- say thanks for what you are,
- appreciate yourself,
- feel good about yourself,
- put some real thought into the wishes you receive,
- be glad to have people around,
- say thanks for all the good wishes,
- reflect on your inner self,
- redefine rules,
- just 'Be yourself'?

You know what? When I read it again, I see that we can be this way, every day... :) It's just that it will take time to get this kind of thought into our daily lives, so till then, I think we should count these thoughts in , at least on our birthdays... :)

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