Friday, September 05, 2014

Old is Gold

In the context of health, we are hearing many things these days. In olden days people never seemed to need as many lessons on health like we do, because they were all naturally healthy. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

As a general concept, man tends to talk about what he doesn't have and is never happy. Most of us are not really happy about our health and so we see umpteen resources online about health.

Here is one simple way to good health I heard today:

  • Wake up early in the morning, which is between 5:00 A.M and 7:00 A.M
  • Have a filling breakfast between 7:00 A.M and 9:00 A.M
  • Do not eat or drink anything between 9:00 A.M and 11:00 A.M which is the late morning time.
  • Drink water, beverage, soups between 11:00 A.M and 1:00 P.M
  • Have a moderate lunch between 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M. Do not sleep in the horizontal position, as in do not lie down comfortably on a bed. If your system is working fine, your eye lids will automatically close at 2:00 P.M. Recall a boring after noon lecture in college. It was not the lecture that was boring, but the system inside is working on what you ate and failed to really work up your brain to understand the lecture. Five to ten minutes nap with your head bent on your work desk can work wonders.If you sleep longer in the same position, it is still okay, just that your boss or teacher will have questions to ask. That is up to you to handle.
  • Drink water, beverages, and water between 3:00 P.M and 7:00 P.M. If you can manage to have your dinner between 6:00 P.M and 7:00 P.M, then, good for you.
  • Latest by 9:00 P.M you must finish your dinner.
  • Retire off for the day between 9:00 P.M and 11:00 P.M

Now, this is all our ancestors followed. They just woke up early in the morning and ensured that they kept to their timing and did the right things.

The timing is because the human body has many interesting organs that are programmed to work in a certain way in a certain time. You mess up with the timing or overload it, then you are in for a rude shock. But for all the insincerity that we are all showing to our bodies, I guess the machine really doesn't give up very easily. We are still alive and healthy enough to be reading this post.

At the end of this prose, am sure we all will shout in unison, that includes me, 'Just how on earth is this timing possible with today's work demands'... and many other demands that each of us have.

Correct,, but this is just the path to good health. Our body doesn't work on its own. It needs fuel in the form of food. The mechanics of it is governed by the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. But since the body is auto programmed, when we try to change many parameters about the way it works based on our customized life demands, at one point it just stops working.. One part after the other will stop functioning and that is why we see people living on medicines and never get to really age gracefully and be wise for their age.

When health is a problem then wisdom can take a back seat. Try reasoning and rationalizing on any problem you face on a bad head ache day... if you want to know what I mean. When there is no wisdom, stress factor sets in and then fails every part very quickly.

We can change our habits if we alter our thinking slightly. Instead of asking how can I  adjust my health routine to my work schedule or other demands, why not ask it this way? " What can I do to ensure that my health routine doesn't get disturbed??"

We are not talking about gym, exercise, walk, Yoga, Meditation, Sports, and all other health watch activities. We are just talking about getting up in the morning, bathing, eating on time and retiring off on time every day. Is it really that hard??

Do you have a night shift job?? Then it is time you checked your health routine and see a doctor, a really informed doctor on what to do. A good Doctor will ask you to change your job or your day's routine. A doctor who wants you to keep coming back for advice, will ask you to take rest.. which you wont/cant during the day. So it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your work and health in life. An occasional night shift at work is really okay. You can always compensate with three night's sleep and one day's sleep.. yeah right... that is how it works.

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Krishna said...

I've been following your writing for quite some time, but never really got chance to appreciate. You writing is very organized. Although the content in most of your posts are regarding what can be classified 'General well being', the way you present it makes them non-preachy and makes to read them completely. Continue the good work...

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