Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pessimism at a glance

If we have to always be optimistic, then why does the opposite exist?

When I read some ten lines in a temple that spoke about being optimistic, I naturally liked it. For those who know me, this is no big news. I am known to be positive most of the time, but then today, you may not believe, I thought a little different.

Why does everyone talk about Positive so much? Why does the opposite of it never welcome??

We all know that opposites are unavoidable.

If there is a high, there has to be a low.
If there is a fast, there has to be a slow.
If there is a possible, there has to be an impossible.
If there is a 'can', there has to be a can't.
If there is a far, there has to be a near.
If there is a love, there has to be a hate.
If there is a crest, there has to be a trough.
If there is a success, there has to be a failure.
If there is a positive, there has to be a negative.
If there is a good, there has to be a 'Bad'.

We all know that what we don't want to happen to us, doesn't do anything good to our health or mind, so we like to think positive. This is true and that is how it has to be. But today I discovered although a little late that It is just okay to be pessimistic at times.. All 'What if' questions are examples of pessimism, but think again, if you didn't think about it, would you do these in life?

- Carry extra cash when you travel
- Plant a fire extinguisher in your new building
- Have a life jacket in your boat
- Take an insurance policy
- Take a vaccine for some XYZ disease

A little pessimism or negativity is good, because without negativity, many things in life wouldn't have been invented or be used; Many lifestyle changes wouldn't have taken place. If anything that you don't want happens, lets try to look at what we can learn from it and be happy that we have crossed that hurdle and not brood about it ever.

You cannot rewrite the hidden rule of life. When there is a positive, there must be a negative. Some negatives are 'alerts', some are 'cautions' and some are 'dangers'. Which is why you pray: God Bless you and me :-)

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