Friday, September 12, 2014

Good health

Good Food, Good Exercise, Good Meditation, and Good Life style converge in Good Health.

Good Food is in simplest terms - Food that is not over-cooked, not over-greased, not over-spicy, and not old.

Good Meditation means taking simple steps to improving focus of the otherwise usually scattered brain - Regular prayer routine, Regular Five minute hobby time, Regular stereo-typical work that doesn't require your mind's complete attention. When you do one of these or activity similar to these, your mind meditates on the work and not anything else and these activities are not done by force or do not have materialistic gains.

Good Exercise is to just ensure you move every part of your body to activate the otherwise sleeping joints and muscles. You can choose to walk for twenty minutes or be a regular in a local gymnasium or dance class.

Good Lifestyle  - Spend family time at home, Share work load at home, Have strict disciplines on prayer, morals, food, clothing and manners, Make time for fun and friends, Attend weddings and functions of relatives and friends, Keep your word and Keep to time.

All these will easily converge to Good Health on constant practice.

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