Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why raise your blood pressure??

This evening, I happened to read a random blog on a subject that is totally alien to me. Time flew and I got engrossed in the lines not for the subject but the way it is written. I realized that I had forgotten my world and myself for a while, okay for a long time while I sat reading the blog.

Stood up to finish my evening duties and then found a rare sense of calm around me. Everyone else had gone out and I was supposed to be doing my regular ten minute walk at home. While I usually spent my walking time listening to some music, today I spent the time introspecting on how I am feeling the sense of calm that I had never felt in a long time. Life kept me busy over the last few years and it seemed that I had lost track of keeping stress under check.

Deciding to bounce back on the track of mental strength I realized few things:

  1. People waste energy trying to prove they are correct on any given thing to others. Instead its best to just make a point and leave the decision of accepting the point to others.
  2. People waste energy trying to fight with vendors, auto drivers, shop keepers and anyone who does any form of business for cost and effectiveness reasons. Instead it is best to make your point and let go. It is hard but good to practice because all these cause a stress that is actually not required for the mind and body.
  3. People waste energy trying to be too perfect only to realize that there is at least one person in this world who doesn't think you are perfect or good. That one person is usually the bothersome point than many others who accept your nature.Instead it is best to be yourself and strive for excellence without troubling yourself too much.
  4. People waste energy on sticking to principle.. Although I agree it is good and a must, it is also important to know that forcing yourself too much to stick to principle can sometimes cause stress that is beyond understanding.
  5. People waste energy on self pity and the need for other person to understand them. Honestly who has got the time to spend time to understand others when understanding self itself is so difficult? So why expect and create a stress quotient that is just too high..??

Simple tricks to avoid everyday stress:

  • Forgive yourself, because no one else will.
  • Take it easy. Nothing is as important as you think in the eyes of others. All you do is for yourself and you have the right to take it easy. Others won't.
  • Don't fight on things that don't matter beyond that minute or the period. Instead just make your point and move on and learn to process controversies in the mind. Don't let it get into your heart.
  • At work, remember that you are getting paid for what is happening. So do not complain. Do what you can and must but remember if you have a heart attack no one will blame your work!!!
  • At home, remember you have to do things that are important to you without expecting returns. Do what you must and leave it at that. It is pointless worrying about things that are bothersome instead it helps to find solutions and make a mention when asked. 
  • Hold your family close and forgive each one's mistakes everyday. The best way is to pray for every one's well being each day. We all have faults and it is important to know that right or wrong is just a perspective.
  • Never ask "Why don't the others...?". There is no point.. The best way to keep calm is the new principle of " "What can I do to....?"
  • Keep a friends circle. You may not like everything about everyone but they are the best stress busters and they help you without your awareness.
  • Make a phone call to some contact at least once a week just to ask how they are doing... and not for any purpose. The call can be short but will make a lot of difference to stress check. Also, it is nice to develop the habit of being less materialistic in this increasingly materialistic world. 
  • Keep a routine and also make time for doing something that pleases you other than work and family. You will be a much better person to those around you and for the person in you.

All these are tough to start practicing but I believe are some ways to postpone the racing and thereby raising Blood Pressure each day.

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