Thursday, September 04, 2014

Do you have a Gate pass to my mind?

The word Mind may be a derivative of Mine. We hear quite a lot about Mind in everyday talks. Any place that promises health, peace, happiness preaches about Mind.If I get into research about Mind, am sure I'll find sea-deep or a mine of information related to the subject.

I have always wondered how to express this 'thing' called Mind in a drawing when asked to, how to give the right analogy to my children when discussing or talking about the mind or how to really explain to someone what the word Mind in the phrase ' Mind your own business' really means.

Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual lectures and even the latest medical researches talk about mind playing an integral part in one's health and life.

There is another concept of tuning health through positive energy transfers called Reiki ( - Not sure if this is how the real explanation goes, but I like to keep it simple as I consider myself a total layman when it comes to the human body right from my Zoology days in school) which again is about mind working on the affected zone.

Then it was purely by chance that I came across this word and talk about cosmic energy from a colleague who said 'It is all in the Mind' and when the Mind believes the Universe assures. I always thought that it is beyond me to get this thing about Mind, more so when I cant understand what the 'It' in the phrase means at any given point in time.

The aesthetic side of the world believes in Vaasthu, Fengshui which are about the right setting in the house and positive energy that are believed to work wonders in the mind of the people and hence solutions to their problems. If you are not following this, then you are probably not the only one who faces the problem of not understanding how colors, objects, structures, and positions in a house affect the well being. It is a whole science and needs lessons to follow.

When there is so much more talks like this going on in the world about Mind, which has no form and which enjoys total freedom and which is supposed to be the controller of everything and which is very imbalanced, this evening I came across this big truth that "To be in control of your mind is to understand what it is".

For those of us who are not going to do doctoral degrees on the mind science, here is a simple version of what I understood:

Mind is a combination of the Mind, the Sub-conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind, the Super-conscious mind, and the Cosmic Mind. Draw a concentric circle. Mark a Gate on every one of the five circles and number them.Mind is at Gate 5 and Cosmic Mind is at Gate 1. 

When you say something and I don't want to listen, I just hear it and it gets registered in the Mind level and doesn't go any further. I can just decide not to really let it penetrate any further. So what you said doesn't really affect or effect in my life.

When I want to buy a car, it stays in the Mind level. When I think of it many times it gets registered into my sub conscious mind.. and then I start dreaming about it often. If I don't have any other priority that is bigger than this car I want to buy, then it gets into the next level called' Unconscious mind - meaning, in my sleep and wakefulness I only think of this car... and then the Super-conscious mind makes me work hard to realize the dream (But I don't complain of pains, stress or anything.. the hard work comes naturally here..)and then the cosmic mind makes sure it makes the right moves and triggers the correct switches in this world to realize my dream.

So the next time you hear about Mind It, Never Mind, Its all in the Mind and anything to do with Mind, I guess you will know that chances of something getting realized is really about how many gates of the mind the thought penetrates.

Now, it is all the more worth our while to really learn all the sciences to master the gate keeper job. You choose which thoughts get into your inner most gate and which ones stay outside. Do not give a Gate pass without examining how the entrant will affect your peace of mind. This is one great way to happiness and health. It is quite a challenge how we learn this art, but that is all about well being in this world - good health, success, money, friends, and anything else that matters to you and affects you in a positive way...

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