Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writerly thoughts

I have not had a chance to open this page at all over the last few days..

Suddenly, it seems like I am too occupied with many things to do, say and think, all at once..

Half a dozen sayings and quotes crossed my mind in the morning in one of the most enlightening session of "dish washing... ". Oh yes, Dish washing does teach you so many things..

1. When you have a lot of writing to do, almost always there are too many soiled vessls in the kitchen sink.

2. When you have to patiently edit a document, you have to quickly throw away plates in the kitchen sink.

3. What does God think about dish washing? We can never figure out.

4. Why is soiling easy and cleaning tough? Read: Why is the 'good' always tough to be, do and say?

5. Whoever wrote the quote, 'work is worship', didnt think of the possibility dish-washing and writing together.

6. It is always possible to write quickly in face of a timeline or committment to the client. Similarly, it is possible to wash any number of dishes in a very short time if there is a guest coming home for dinner. But then, when there is no guest and there is more time to write, both dishwashing and writing seems a little too tough to finish.. Wonder why? Laziness?? I disagree..

7. A lot in life is about cleaning. Clean the vessel, fill it with fresh food. Clean your mind off the hate and useless thoughts and you get to fill it up with love and useful, positive, energetic thoughts. Well, don't tell me you prefer to eat from the shopping bag straight!!! :-)

8. I cannot hate dish washing, because I love cooking. I cannot hate discipline, because I love a nice home. I cannot hate work, because I love the time spent well and ofcourse the cash. In effect we cannot foster hate for anything because we definitely get some benefit out of everything. Sounds parallel to: To get something you must give up something. And: There is no such thing as free lunch.

Home-making does teach you lots. Will make time for more.

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SG said...

"It is always possible to write quickly in face of a timeline or committment to the client" - The scientific explanation is the extra adrenaline in our body during stressful situations that makes us do things we normally think we cannot do. The emotional explanation is that human beings generally respond to deadlines because finishing something on time gives us more incentives, a sense of accomplishment among others (monetary, pat on the back from the boss) than simply finishing something.

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