Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dum Maro Dum - Movie review

This movie is about drug mafia and its impact on the younger generation and the society at large. Everyone, just about everyone in the movie has a hand in the drug mafia voluntarily or involuntarily.

The ACP Vishnu Kamat is posted in this particular place to eradicate the evil of drug mafia. This officer had once bent a lot of rules and regulations for the drugsters until one fine day, a car accident in which his wife and child reaches God's abode changes his life for good. The cause of the accident was a head-on-collision with a vehicle driven by a drug addict. Vishnu Kamat changed for good.

Now, the way Vishnu Kamat deals with chasing the several million worth drug storage and its owners is one angle of the movie. The way the drug whirls every youngster into it is another angle. The fact that nobody is able to resist the money benefits that the drug business in that town and abroad brought is another angle.

The pivot of the movie is the brains behind the story line. The direction takes an applause. The songs make you smile. The cast have done their role well.

All said, I am wondering if the movie is a must-see for the children, because I have a feeling that some scenes and dialogues in the movie need not be understood and taken in by the younger crowd of today. I wish the movie is for only above 18, but sadly children were also seen in the theatre. Not sure, if they needed the high dose of violence and facts so early in life..

Agreed there are lot of lessons for the younger generation to take from this movie, but I dont think their minds would be able to see the morals as much as the color and charm and style and fashion and the lifestyle in teenage. Hopefully every one understands the movie in the right spirit.

Good work by...I dont know the director's name as I didnt get to see the name slides of the movie.

Good one. Noisy. Wild. But very different from the usually seen dramatically romantic, many-to-one chase love stories. Nice attempt but seemingly a little too factual.

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