Thursday, April 28, 2011

Atleast they believe.....

Too many controversial statements, Too many cover stories, Too many opinions on that one great soul, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Never meant to write about this, but then could not resist, when I read a post just now on one of the popular websites. The post was well written and says a statement that is way beyond argument.. Death happens to everyone and it seems like it all ends in 'Nothing'. Agreed.

It further goes to say that it is just because of this truth that makes man weak, that man seeks solace in divinity, sages, gurus, and spirituality. May be like a load of others this person is expressing his views...

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the belief in this great soul - some inviting, some troublesome, some biased, and some baseless. Over the years a lot has been said and a lot has been probably left unsaid...

Have you touched a zillion lives?
Have you been able to help as many people?
Have you sustained so many controversial cover stories?
Have you worn the same colored clothing all your life?
Have you spoken nice things for others to learn from?
Have you bothered to smile at the one who hurt you?
Have you made many efforts to make people around you happy?

Most often, we would have 'No' for answer to most of these questions. But this great sage, Sri Sathya Sai Baba has 'Yes' responses to all of these questions. So, definitely he is much greater than most others we know.

All said, there is just one more question that is remaining in my mind... Will so many people mourn our death when we die? It is as simple as that... Not that people must.. but the greatness of a man is mostly known when you see a lot of genuine prayers and tears at the funeral.

And it is said that after someone leaves this world, you should not be talking about flaws or continue the enemity. A lost life is definitely a big loss, however seemingly good or bad that person has been in his lifetime. So at least for that basic reason, let us respect his greatness, respect that a lot of people believe in him, and bow down for once instead of talking controversies that are no longer valid.

Remember there are people who believe in him and there are others who do not. It is definitely a choice that people take and just as you have your reasons to not believe, they have reasons to believe. Let them be..

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