Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Padhinaaru - Sixteen

I do not know any of the cast of the movie. All I know is that it is a 'Kalaipuli' Thanu movie. The only star I recognized was Kasthuri. I also recongnized some faces but dont know their names. Not much help? Yeah, still you can find the movie by the name.

I only got a chance to see the second half of the movie. I sat for the movie only because of the name. Somehow sixteen sounded very different for a movie name.

Its about two sixteen year old children in love. These two children were in the same school. The girl Ilavarasi's parents decide to get her married off to her maternal uncle. The girl frankly expresses her love for her class mate Gopi. Much to her objection and hate, the wedding plans progress. The girl takes the help of police to call off the wedding. Ilavarasi and Gopi decide to have a baby just to ensure that they get to marry at a later date. They don't think about the pros and cons of such a hasty move and go ahead with their plans. When the parents came to know about the to-be born, the father asks Ilavarasi if the boy she trusts has enough means to buy her a clothing if she needs. Gopi with the dress he bought for Ilavarasi meets with an accident and is taken to Kerala by someone for treatment. When he comes back, he sees Illavarasi and her maternal uncle all set for the wedding. So, he retreats and lets Illavarasi live her life.

Two young lovers are reading this story from a book. At the end of reading they come to know that this is the love story of the girl Indu's father. Her mother gave the book to Indu when she announces her love. Indu is convinced that she must leave her lover but feels very unsettled. The boy Shiva takes effort to find out more about Illavarasi and what really happened to her life.

Illavarasi thought that Gopi must have died on his way back, else why wouldnt he have returned with the dress for her? Her maternal uncle decided to marry Illavarasi's friend who had come for the wedding and not disturb her.The baby she conceived died in her womb. She relocated to another place in the turn of life's events and started a school with some inherited money. Her school is home to a lot of children who do not know the names or faces of their parents. She is living a contended life with Gopi in her name and heart.

Shiva and Indu get to meet her. Gopi also gets to see her in the flow of the movie's direction. He realized that she was never married and he had misunderstood. No one was the reason for the misunderstanding. It just happened. Gopi is happy with his family and signed off love as insignificant in school days and forgot about it until this day when he sees Indu, Shiva and Illavarasi talking in the school portals. Gopi decides to remain dead for Illavarasi and the children Indu and Shiva decide to study and get into a successful career before they think of marriage and love. They have put a pause to this love story.

Not sure, if I am good at telling a story from any movie.. But then, whether you like the story or not, it is a must see.. You get to see the senseless teenage thoughts, ferociously adamant behavior and then the calm realization and clarity of the same person at the age of say 40 plus... Made me wonder.. Age and experience matters so much in things... There is a huge difference in the way we think about the same point in various time frames of our life.

The story was a cause for a big purpose in each person's life . Gopi became successful professionally and personally. Illavarasi became a mother to a lot of children. The children Shiva and Indu understood more about their next steps.

One person who is to be appreciated in this story line is Gopi's wife, Indu's mother. She accepted her husband knowing his past, kept a print of his diary and pulled it out when needed. That I guess is the power of being a sensible woman. Good attempt to teach women some parenting lesson.

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