Saturday, April 23, 2011

No time syndrome

Yes, I was caught up in the 'No time' syndrome for a while I guess. I never took the effort to come to my blog page until this morning when I picked up this book called Megaliving by Robin Sharma.

I enjoy my morning cup of coffee usually with some TV programme. Today, because the book was lying in the sofa where I left it last night..[ Oh yes, am not too organized.. for me, its really okay for things to be lying around once in a while... usually the house gets in order only after 10:00 A.M. After that I never re-arrange or move things much. If me or my husband have not had the sense to put it back on shelf, so be it.. until the next morning!!!! Life is more than just cleaning is my present motto.], I picked it up to leaf through it.

Some thought lines as I typed the email spreading word about the book to my friends:

When we cannot spend time with ourselves and people, what are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to work for a tomorrow that is yet to come? Most often we are bissfully unaware that today is just passing by without any effort to keep our mind sane at a later date. Just like we would make time for brushing our teeth ( I assume most people brush their teeth everyday..) we must make time to keep our mind sane.. It is the engine that drives everything about us. It must be maintained.. I read this in the book. That the mind is like an engine that will work well if kept oiled and maintained. Quite right!!!!

Always thought the heart does the engine job, then slowly thought that the digestive system is the key, and have had thoughts if brain is the engine, but came to realize that the mind which is an entity on its own, with no tangible form is the master of the game. What the mind conceives is what we are able to do. No more and No less. You can eat healthy, your heart rate can be perfect, your IQ might be excellent, but then we need to remember that it wont take much time to lose control of all these, if we don't work on that intangible mind that is the master of everything about us. Now, we all know that the master dictates and we listen. That is exactly why we say ' No time'. The same with everything else. Whatever the mind says, we do.. We seem to have no control over it.

So who are we if we don't have control on our mind..?

Yes, we cannot control what is happening outside, but what we can certainly do is control the thoughts that enter our mind and condition our mind to believe what is good for us. That takes practice and the only non-materialistic instance in the world when Master can also be a slave.

Well, am not into the mental well-being class on this blog post, but just realized that a lot of what we want to do gets undone or goes un-noticed just because our mind says 'No Time'. There is no best way to make time for things you want to do, except really taking time out.. Just take time out.. Your mind has the trick to help you deal with the after effects, because you are the master here. Your mind will help you solve the problem of dealing with the lost time. Dont ask me how, but if this post sounds good, then just believe it!!!!

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