Saturday, April 23, 2011

On the home page

I usually have Google search page as my landing page as soon as I start my browser window. The reason was every time I needed some reference at work, it was easier to 'Google' it.

Last month, we had given our computer for a re-formatting. When the computer came back from the center, the home page in our Internet Explorer browser was set to a news page. I didn't bother much. I used my Google whenever I needed it, but since I am not working like before, I used the search page not so often.

It must have been three weeks with that set up of news page. Every day I got to read some unpleasant, saddening news of some problem, mishap, accident, tricked incident, fraudulence, and resistance. I didn't like it, but then took it as a fact of life. I used to quickly skip the page after the first story of mishap. This particular page had sixteen news bite pages. It was a nice page design and I thought it is better than reading a whole news paper.

One morning, just before I started my core writing for a technical subject, I thought another five minutes is not going to delay the work.. [ The minus point of freelancing..]and I started reading through the home page news bites. The first one was a war story, the second one was a scandal, the third one was a student case of unfairness, the fourth one was a murder, the fifth one was a case on trial, the sixth one was a problematic scene in politics, the seventh one was another murder trial, the eighth one was some renowned and one of my favorite singers' daughter's unfortunate death. I sat there, shocked!!!!.. The shock registered only after I read the news about someone I could associate with even as just another fan, but then realized that I have only read all mishaps and unpleasantness.. The world seemed like it is full of tragedies...

I changed the home page in the browser to about:blank, which is a blank page where you land every time you start your browser. Its been a week now, and I am a better person now. This is not to say that what I did was right, but then I guess I do not have the courage to read so many unpleasant news every day.

I used to avoid the news just for this reason and right from childhood never cared for current affairs. Some time mid-way I regretted for a very minimum time frame when I didn't know as much as the others on politics and world affairs, but then overcame it as I began to realize that it is sufficient to know what I must know for the overall growth as a person and not really worry about who is the next leader or where is the next cricket match scheduled.

Now, after a very long time, these news bites did bring a chance to read through some news from the world, but then, realized that most of what make the news are unpleasant and often cannot be digested all in a day by me. Unknowingly these news bites created a turmoil in me about life at large... Now that I have cleared my home page, I feel I am much better off.

Yes, I agree that there is so much happening in the world, but not necessary that you must know all of it. What you must know will reach you.

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SG said...

ohh..I totally agree, I never check the news page until I am well awake because the whole media works with 'no news is better than bad news' principle ! Yes, life is not a bed of roses, at least I get to choose when I want to learn about the thorns !

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