Monday, April 25, 2011

cine songs - yesterday and years ago

Yes.. I did feel devastated hearing one particular song. Since it is against the policy of my blog to quote the programme or the movie ( I dont care to know which movie though) I am not saying which programe it is.

Yesterday afternoon, I switched on the TV and chanced to see a wonderful stage show where a lot of cine singers sang their best. There were also some dance programmes in between. It was supposedly some major launch and a lot of famous people were present to make the event and the crowd blessed!!!! And the crowd was massive... As far as one could see, it was heads and heads unlimited.

I was enjoying every bit of the song sequences and was in my own world of music. I love music for its tone sometimes, for its cheer some other times, for the words sometimes and for the background music other times. I am not a great singer but I do go on a singing spree at home sometimes.

Some songs just drive me crazy because I love Tamil language for its beauty and the words that make total sense to me.. It is my mother tongue and I grew up in Tamil Nadu and studied Tamil quite well. So I can safely bet that I understand quite a bit of the language. But in the recent times, I dont think I understand any of the words in most tamil songs.

There was this lovely song sung by Hari charan in the programe and I could not stop marvelling at the brilliance of the composition and the talent of the singer. I cannot tell a Raaga or Thala of any song, but I am glad I know to appreciate good music. So, obviously, was waiting for the next singer to come on stage. Its been quite a while since I got to see some mega music programme on television. After the much detested ad break, I glued my eyes and ears for the next programme on stage.

There was a lovely lighting on the stage, and a few girls did some dance movements. No comments. Then there came a set of boys. Did some dance movements. No comments here too. The background music seemed to get a lot of applause from the crowd especially the children. I didnt understand why. Still decided to see what is so interesting about it. Then the girls and boys started dancing for a note which seemed to be a known song to the entire world except me!!!! It said something on these lines...

Who is the one who gave birth to you.. If I see her anytime, She's dead ( meaning I'll kill her)

Now whoever wrote such a lyric, might be a great lyricist, might have written for the context in the movie, or any other lame reason that any one might give.... I simple cannot accept children singing this song word to word... Mother is the greatest... And whoever can conceive this about the being so special to the world. Can accept any illogical stupid composition in any baseless context, but not this one that demeans motherhood. Why didnt the censor board say anything? Is it not in their line of work to condemn songs without basic sense? I just hate to say that the tamil world is approving such writing.

And there were a bunch of people who chose this song to dance in front of a hugggeee crowd. The only way to stop such songs from being recorded or accepted in the movie world is people abstaining from playing it anywhere.. The movie should lose its rating because of such demeaning numbers, only then will the industry and its pattern change...

Where is the concept of poetry anywhere in most of today's songs? I dont mean to go back to the classic tamil cinema, but I couldnt help comparing some of the age old lyrics... I was singing these lines at home day before yesterday:

Kalangalil Aval Vasandham; meaning In Seasons, she's the 'Spring'.
Kalaigalil Aval Oviyam; meaning In Arts, she's a 'Painting'.
Maadhangalil Aval Maarghazhi; meaning In Months, she's the Tamil Month, 'Maarghazhi'.[ December 15th to January 14th is supposed to be the holy month in India]
Malargalil Aval Malligai; meaning In Flowers, she's 'Jasmine'.

I learnt the next few lines of the song also, so kept repeating this and you wont believe that the feeling of beauty and the love expressed in the lyrics and the music can make you feel so good that anything you see will look beautiful. Even if you do not know or understand Tamil, Google for 'Kalangalil Aval Vasandham' and listen to the song.. You'll see what I mean. It will seem like good music does not need the knowledge of the language. It shows really.

Wonder when will our movie directors and music directors learn to only accept good poems for music lyrics?? And when will our audience learn not to applaud for stupid lyrics? Wonder why music world is not saying anything against such compositions?


Pavithra Srihari said...

Only from seeing the title , I knew which song you were going to rant about .. Very true !!! When is this world going to stop all these non sense songs ... and for your info , The lyricst is our GREAT SIMBHU !!! whatever respect I had for him is lost after listening to this one ...

Priya H said...

Hmm. So true! We are also to be blamed in this game. The song that contain vulgar and nonsense lyrics should not be marketed by us. Why do we make our children sing these songs in public and even be proud about it? God save the future generation.

SG said...

I love the 'kalangalil aval vasantham' song, my appa is a good singer and its one of his favorite songs and I have made him sing it for me so many times that I don't remember how the original sounds ! I don't know the song you are talking about too - ignorance is indeed bliss ! I really don't know whom to blame - film makers, parents, kids themselves, they all play a part but 'swearing' has become a part of life that nobody minds it anymore....sad....

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