Monday, March 28, 2011

On Freelancing

- You must know to manage your time.
- There is always an uncertainty that you must deal with.

Two big truths I learnt over the last few days of freelance writing experience.

I like to manage my time and work plans. I didn't really think that I needed to work with a manager. As it happens in a work place, you are generally assigned to a manager and you have to go with the hierarchy. Over the years, many managers have taught me a lot on work and people management, but to appreciate all of that, I needed to see this day.

I have no manager to boss my work, no office to keep the peer pressure on, no team to chat with, but I have immense responsibility than ever before, in the form of my own work committment. No matter how careful you are when you respond to an assignment, no matter how much regular work experience you have, it still is not easy to work as a freelancer. It is easy to get distracted or too engrossed when you are working from home as a freelancer.

The idea of managing your own time at work and home is quite an art, and I am trying to learn that.

My encouragement quote today : No one said, it is easy; They just said It would be worth the effort.

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