Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nothing comes for free!!!

I saw this advertisment that has a child talking about the free things that you get along with the childrens' health drink. So, the idea of buying that health drink is to get that Free of cost item? At least that is what the advertisement seemed to say. Made me wonder.. Why start educating the children about the free-of-cost things, so early in life? This generation will grow up with the same expectation..of trying to pick the easy way out in life, trying to get maximum benefit without spending any of their resources. The idea of promoting a product using this 'Free-of-cost' strategy by the marketing folks has penetrated so deep into the markets, that it almost drives me crazy to see people buy 24 bottles of sauce and cartons of biscuits just because they sell it at a lesser rate or for free.... The same concept takes a slight make over in different walks of life. In work places, people expect high paying jobs, but do not want to work hard. In restaurants, people expect high standards in ambience, taste and hospitatlity, but do not want to pay good price. Everywhere you go, you see that people do not want to do their part, but start expecting the results. For some reason, I feel that this attitude that is so widely prevalent among most people has its roots in the marketing strategy of giving things 'Free-of-Cost' and in 'Discount' sales. Wonder when will the world understand that NOTHING, just NOTHING comes for free. There is always a price to pay for everything you do, say, buy, receive, under the sun. Just that, all prices may not be payable in terms of money or comprehensible that very minute. Let the advertisement funda remain where it is, and lets ensure that it doesn't get to us and spoil our brains. Lets register, You have to do your part to reap benefits. Lets teach today's younger generation the truth whenever we chance to.

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