Thursday, March 10, 2011

If I cannot, you probably can...

What we cannot understand becomes known as nonsense
What we cannot perform becomes known as impossible
What we cannot be becomes known as eccentricity
What we cannot follow becomes known as philosophy
What we cannot practice becomes known as theory
What we cannot believe becomes known as non-existent

What we sometimes fail to notice is that : "It is just us.. There are others who can understand,perform, be, follow, practice and believe things that we cannot".

In their specific situations and contexts:

They can understand things.
They can make it possible.
They can be sensible.
They can follow philosophy.
They can practice.
They can believe.

'Cannot' and 'Can' can co-exist where many minds are working their way through the maze of innumerably paramertized life. It is perfectly okay to disagree with things but definitely required to give the other side, a thought too. Just because you disagree, you cannot rule out the existence/possibility of the controversial view point.

Finally it all settles down to what works for you and what does not. Its best to remember always: It doesn't work for me, but may be it will for others. This way, we may tend to pin-point the faults of the world lesser and get to be much happier.

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