Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Committment

Committment adds more value to life at large.

To have a committment means to adhere.

If you do not have a committment, you would not feel like waking up, every morning.

Rest takes meaning when you work towards a committment.

To know your strengths and abilities, get committed to a mission or task.

Principles have meaning only till people are committed to it.

Knowingly or unknowingly each of us is committed to ourselves, if not to others. If we don't, then we are probably like a ship that lost its direction.

You have no choice but to commit. If you want to live free of committments, then what are you doing here in this world?

Committment takes a role everywhere - Relationships, Work, Self-discipline, Social welfare are only a few important ones.

Have a mission, and commit to it till your last day on earth. This way, the others do not have to worry about you.


Priya H said...

Just like to add this:
If you have a commitment you will not worry about others' remarks too (read: negative people who try to spoil or bring you down whenever you try to achieve something)

Kite said...

Absolutely agree, the commitment to ourselves comes first. Only then can we commit to others.

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