Saturday, March 19, 2011


Death : No matter how much you know the practicalities, no matter how old the person is, no matter how much you are attached or distant, the saddening feeling inside you, when you hear of a death, is incomprehensible.

Just heard of one such news and the incomprehensible feeling is prevalent.

Not that this is happening for the first time, but every time, with the intensity variations, the feeling still keeps coming back. While the practical mind says it is inevitable, the sentimental mind makes you feel at loss.

Whoever comes to this world MUST go is the norm, the practical mind says.
Whenever it happens, wherever it happens, however bad a situation the person is in, the sentimental mind says, "It is not fair".

Makes me question, Has life seemed fair all the time ? Is that why death also seems unfair? Incomprehensible.

I am going to pray for the departed soul. That is the best I can do, from across the miles. They say, prayers give strength to everyone of the departed's dear and near. And of course, Time is a wonderful factor in life. It heals almost anything is a hearsay.

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Kite said...

And the "whys" that come with it never have answers. Only way to heal is to "accept" things as they are with the firm belief that, such a situation has come to us only bcoz we have the strength to face it.

Thanks for all the support on my Blog. Did write to you at Please confirm if that is right email, then we could keep in touch!

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