Saturday, March 26, 2011

A fresh start....

My writing has taken off again as a freelancer. I have not yet got too many projects to work on, still, it is definitely nice to get back into writing.

A nice lesson in this journey of break and make in my career :

When you are feeling bored, go on a holiday or simply switch off your computer for a few hours. Often we do not know how important or interesting a job actually is until we take a break. I had needed a break badly, but I didnt quite know. There were times I had felt super-bored at work, but with timelines and meetings and planning hovering above me all the time, I didnt have the time to realize that I needed a break.

One of life's interesting moves gave me a break from work. I moved to a new country and took time to settle down. It was then that I realized that I was missing something.. Started trying to find projects on my own and didnt see much progress. Then, some friends gave their helping hand and I finally got back into writing again.

It surely feels nice to be able to write again. I am not too busy yet, but I like the present state of being able to do what I can with the average writing skill that I have.

This idea of taking a break is important for other walks of lives too. I realized in other situations.

So people, take a short break if you must... else you will probably never realize some of what you have and will never get to value your prized possessions - talents, people, to start with. Oh well, I dont mean you must quit your job to see my meaning, you could probably take off on that long planned, well deserved vacation with your family, or watch that long pending movie, or make time for a drawing or something just like that.. The idea is do not think of office for a day. This day should not be your weekend. It should be a work day!!!!

Take a break, It is so much good for the rest of the journey and for a fresh start!!!!.

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