Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why advertise all about yourself?

And then complain that the rate of thefts have increased in town.

Every other lane in Bangalore has a software company. My office is housed in one of the popular Technology parks and there are at least six such Technology parks on the same road.

( In Bangalore, a technology park is a complex - of tall multi-storey buildings with multi-level car parks and a lot of garden space, and pavements - where a lot of companies who can afford the high-priced rent, have their offices. Most of these companies are software companies.)

This means at a given bus stop you can see ten people boarding the same bus to different companies on this road.

Every morning, the first thing that you notice on every office-goer is the identity card. With the tag around the neck, you can say which software company the person is working with. One step further, you could even say if this person is waiting for the same bus as you. Once inside the bus, most of the times, you get to read the name of the person. In some cases, the designation and employee id. This depends on how much of information that company had chosen to be divulged on the front face of the card. If the tag is turned over, on the reverse of the card, sometimes you get to see the blood group and the address of the company.

In short, a bus travel with someone in Bangalore at the peak hour will be able to reveal details like :
Boarding Point
Name of the company
Blood Group
Employee Number

It is also possible to trace the person's whereabouts with the wide spread networking sites these days. On Linked in and Face book, it is easy to trace the person you saw in the bus, the other day. Might be a good idea to build the network, but also a serious threat to personal safety.

This morning I read a tag and know that she is a senior level executive in one of the popular companies in Bangalore. I know her office address and its easy for anyone to locate her office just with the identity card around her neck.

It is easy for anyone to make a note of the name and details of someone, follow the person home and trace the address. Wonder if this is one reason we hear of a lot of safety related issues?

I don't mean to say that if you walk without your id cards you are safe, but then let's not invite trouble explicitly. Rob one IT professional and there is a lot of chance to make money on a normal work day - Wallet, Shoes, Laptop, Glasses will work out to a huge sum, am I correct?.

Tell the world, who you are, what you do, where you live through this card that hangs on a tag around your neck or is proudly clipped on to your dress; That is all is needed to trace you and see, if robbing you is worth the robber's time and effort and energy.

Identification cards are to identify you at your office locations. Most cards have bar codes that are scanned at the office doors to mark entries and exits. If you are in another office on business, then you need to let them know your identity and hence it might be a mandate to wear the tag. If you are outside office, its good to keep your identity card inside your bag or pocket, just so an untoward incident happens and you are unconscious , you will be identified.

College students, school children, office-goers who walk or use public transport can take care to wear their tags just before they enter their school/office and take it off as soon as they step out of school/college/work. This way, there is less advertisement of self. Can we help ourselves and our fellow friends with this helpful hint?

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Deepak G said...

wonder if wearing tat thing gives them a pride...hmmm..

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