Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Explore, Experiment, Evaluate, Excel

Last Friday, I had a chance to attend a meeting with a few teachers, students and technical writers. It had something to do with introducing technical writing in the universities and I went there just to know where the initiative was headed.

One of the speakers holds the position of Vice President, Asia Pacific Region, in a renowned software organization. As always, I was not too keen on the designation of the speaker. The talk was casual and nice to listen to and he knew to keep the audience interested. I love to listen to interesting speeches, so I was enjoying the hour. Sometime mid-way he remarked about how he started off his career as a primary school teacher.

My thoughts stopped right there.

Suddenly, the designation seemed to shine bright on the stage. A primary school teacher has climbed up the corporate ladder in 38 years span of time. Although 38 years is a good period to achieve this position in a career ladder, I think to start off in teaching career and move up to VP of a whole geography in a software organization, that's the size of a whole empire in software industry, takes a very different capability.

If I were not rushing to board a bus that evening, and if I had known about his background before the session, I would have liked to manage a quick interview with this person and find out about the various hair-pin bends he had to survive to reach the peak that he is currently in.

I still think, the base of his career stance today would have been :

The courage to explore a new avenue
The curiosity to experiment and learn as much as possible
The capability to evaluate the available options in a given area of interest
The determination to stay committed to 'giving the best' and excel

Some people have a lot of ability, but do not dare to explore beyond their current domain or zone of work, just because of the so-called 'practical difficulties'. Agreed, that practicalities are important, but it is also possible that you can consider practicalities and take a calculated chance within your limits, to explore career interests outside your current one, if you would like to.

There is no point in saying I want to be a millionaire without believing that you can find fair means to get there. There is no point in ruling out options without ever making an attempt to think positive about it.

Rome was not built in a day, they say, so is any one's circle, riches, inner peace and confidence. They all take time to build up.

The minimum investment required is 'Time' to believe and think and explore and experiment and evaluate.. Excellence is usually the outcome of all these plus commitment to give your best and Success can be as forceful as a volcanic 'Fall out'. If that does not sound nice enough, let me rephrase, success can be as gentle and soothing as the soft drizzle in a hill station on an autumn morning.

It was a nice learning that day and I have laid it out for you to think. I am thinking about it... and all those who know me, surely know that.


Anonymous said...

there's an award for you up on my blog :)

Arjun B S said...

your thoughts resonate completely with mine!

Videhi Visali said...

That's quite a positive note to start my day with.

Repeating my idea about your writing, try your hand at coming up with a booklet of inspirational stories.

Also, I liked the below words so much that i coudnt stop borrowing it for my Gtalk status..."Rome was not built in a day, they say, so is any one's circle, riches, inner peace and confidence"

SK said...

Wow!!! thats quite positive thinking i will say. long way to go though :)

Deepak G said...

all words were as important as the highlighted n italicised ones...too gud

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