Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Information Overload!!!!!

When I opened my eyes this morning, I thought my mind was reeling off a lot of thoughts. The thought that these thoughts could make a whole newspaper made me smile :) An instance of Information Overload was my first impression.

A newspaper according to me is usually characterized by small sized fonts and packed high-sounding words to convey simple subjects in a complex language; sometimes to make simple things complicated and to hype-up common place happenings.

Wonder why some old men have this habit of reading a newspaper from cover to cover. Their knowledge level is extremely high, I know, but still, is it required to know so much something when peace and quiet is what man needs the most? I fail to understand.

The story bits that talk facts are the ones that interest me. Ever since the first time I set my eyes on a newspaper I have never stopped wondering about how every bit of real estate in a news paper is packed to the borders with news.As a child, I had a strong dislike for close-spaced, nano-fonted text. Till date, I don't read books that have clouded text, however nice the book might be.

And wonder of wonders; there are Economic/Financial News papers, Metro news papers, national news papers, weekly editions of popular local news, and many other such compartmentalized news paper versions too. Wonder how there is so much of unique information in the world to write about. I salute!!!! the news world.

Later this afternoon, one of the popular news channel was screaming a lot of 'facts' : The German twins case, A child inside a bore well, A medical college ragging case, A rupee note garland issue, A cricketer not available to play for the next ten days, A Swamiji (a priestly person who has vowed to detach himself from the wordly pleasures and who preaches the presence of Divine) who broke people's trust....

And the news ticker kept flashing a lot of varieties of news - totally useless, definitely understandable, almost important, too noisy, very disturbing, and a mixed bag of all these varieties.

Too many incidents are happening in this extremely complicated society. No wonder the
newspapers are packed with cover-to-cover story bits. Some can be clearly called 'Gossip bits'. Some others can be safely placed under the category 'Essential Gossip bits'. These might be important because there are some aspects in life where 'Ignorance is no more a bliss'. It is equally important to note that some bits corner you into a state of being 'paranoid'.

My reeling mind clearly said : " Do not take in all these pointless gossip when you have a lot of interesting thoughts to be sorted out ". Suddenly the reel wheel stopped and clear mind became a priority.

In my opinion, it is good to read news columns that interest you and glance through the paper to see if any other gossip, that doesn't disturb you much, is printed there for you to read. If nothing, as is the case mostly these days, it is good to keep the news paper at bay' if not for anything else, at least to avoid the information overload. If you know to gauge the effect of what you are reading on your mind, you can read a paper, else, it is good to stop reading news papers.

Information overload in computers can cause the disks to crash. Information overload in the mind can cause the mind to stop functioning when it must. When the information is excess, you can find someone to talk to, write about it like I am doing, divert attention to something that you enjoy doing the most, or switch to an interesting television channel.

Your mind is not a trash can. Do whatever it takes to ensure that you keep your mind less heavy - Travel light in life!!!! I have decided to make my best effort to travel light.

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