Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Morning thoughts that made my day!!!

Usually, I never spend a lot of my morning hours watching T.V, but this morning I had about five minutes before I started off to work and decided to watch whatever was going on in the television.

These are the shots :

An old couple with happy and peaceful look exchange genuine and caring smiles.

They are taking a walk; She holds a tree trunk and stops mid-way. The old man tries to lift her. His back aches and he is unable to bear the pain; she clutches his shoulder, so he does not falter.

Each of them is reading a book sitting next to each other in their living room; They hold hands, as they talk about what they read.

She is dusting a photo frame and smiles when she sees that the picture was taken on their wedding day. He comes over and is very nostalgic about it.

Till this point, there is no dialogue... The old man asks, more as an after-thought, "When we got married we didn't have anything with us. Did we?" and she smiles and says " Nothing, just the Trust".

Then there is the name : Kalyan Jewellers - 35 years of Vishwasam ( which is the Sanskrit word for Trust )

Only at this point you come to know that it is an advertisement. In less than one minute this advertisement sent out so many messages and is one of those advertisements that will surely bring a smile on your face.

Thinking about it now, is it not Trust that is the basis of all relationships and associations - business or personal - in this world? I applaud the ad film maker who worked on this particular advertisement for Kalyan Jewellers, Kerala.


Musing Gal said...

Good Observation, well written!

On a lighter note, now that you like Kalyan Jewellers you can buy a Gold Necklace from there for my wedding lol!

Priya H said...

Ya true. It holds true for everything...if not for the words, 'trust, faith, and hope' where and what we would all be?

Thomas said...

Should have seen the first ad of this series where they tell you running away with your love is a breach of trust(on your dad, not your mom). And now they're applauding this act!?

rahul said...

can anyone give me the link of this ad

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