Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lose in Style........and Take it well......

Over a phone call, I heard the scores of one of the cricket matches. According to my friend, the team that lost, was supposed to have 'Lost in Style'. I took an instant liking to the phrase - Lost in Style.

Heard about life style, dress style, and such common place references to 'style' before but as for 'lost in style', this was the first time. I had thought I'll mention this in my blog, but totally forgot until I heard an incident in a high school, which nailed the importance of being able to 'lose in style' and 'take it well 'too.

'Lost in style' means to be able to give your best effort at something; coming close to victory/success and still being unable to make it. Though, it might not bring the same joy that position one brings in any competition or attempt, it does bring a feeling of satisfaction that you've given your best. Although, a miss, you'd have 'lost in style'. English advocates might give a different usage or connotation to this phrase, that is besides the point of this post.

That said, you must also be able to take it well, congratulate the winners and stop brooding about the loss. Sports is all about this wonderful attitude; Contests and competitions are all about this wisdom.

I am saying all these because I heard a recent incident in one of the high school classes. The three children were in the ninth grade. They stole the top three ranks in academics always. The third rank holder always stood third while the first and second ranks shuttled between the two others constantly. It is reported that the first and the second rank holders died of some poison in their food and the third rank holder is presently in a rude state of mental shock. The most shocking news is that the world believes that this poison was mixed by this student who is alive.

I don't know what to say; do not want to judge; but want to say that the importance given to scoring the top ranks in academics should be brought down and the ability to take life light be taught to children. Schools and colleges should take special interest in this, so the parents and corporates adapt it too. I agree a good performance must be awarded, but then the hyper-tense craze for top scores and cent percent in all subjects ( happens only in Tamilnadu) should be brought down a bit.

Even in the singing contests and other such competitions hosted by television channels I see that the parents get so over reactive about the performances of their children. I even saw a mother sitting with her eyes closed, all tensed when the son is performing on stage.. Wonder why?? The same thing, I am sure will percolate into his academic performance too.

Why take extra stress that the books already give the children?
Why not enjoy parenting much better?
Why not allow the children to ask questions and explain themselves?
Why not teach the attitudes that matter in life as part of the system of study?
Why compare with another child?
Why not let the children enjoy studies for the fun of it?
Why not teach to take a failure well?

What is failure anyway?? That is a different subject altogether. I rewrite my last question as :

Why not teach to take a missed success well??

Why not lose in style and take it well??


Deepak G said...

oh i had no clue tat the poisoning part was coming up...heart wrenching..it cant happen really can it...

Anonymous said...

ya..ur true..even i believe parents should allow students to let go and live their life..i've seen so many friends of mine here in coll who say that if they don't get through here there life is finished..but according to me this is not the end of the world..not jst academics..there r hell lotta other things in lyf as well..every1 may not be gud in studies but its for sure that every1 is special and every1 has some or the other talent hidden in him/her..jst need to explore that out..!!wat say??!!

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