Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Anytime, Anywhere, Any moment

Anything can happen to us anytime, anywhere, and at any moment. I was enjoying ( really enjoying!!!) my breakfast this morning. I casually looked up to see what NDTV had to say.

The scene was a flooded house in Bellary, Karnataka as on October 1st. The news reporter was being shown around the place by the head of the family. Everyone else was crying out aloud. It was a sad scene. People who have been living a happy life till the deadline( it really was!!!) date were now in a sorry state that is not very easy to explain. Per the news, on this day, the mother was serving food to the eldest son; the waters gushed in, and the next thing they knew was something fell on the little boy's head and they had no way to save his life. His two younger sisters, and the parents are totally entangled in a maze of cluttered surroundings, flooded house, ruined belongings, grief from the loss of a loved one in the family, hunt for food, the children's health and safety.The next minute, the food in front of me seemed too heavy and too much of a luxury.

The flash news continued reading flood-related story after the sad visual I just wrote about. After the visual got over, I was amazed at the advertisement of a popular bedding company that sponsored the 'Breakfast News' in NDTV. It showed a young lady sleeping comfortably in their "latest, specially desgined for health, and carefully designed for comfort" bed.

Made me wonder.Life goes on anyways right?

All of us think that everything in life is so permanently leased to us and cannot be taken off. This family that we are reading about here, has lost all that they claimed to have owned all these years in a minute.

As I finished breakfast and got up to leave, I saw a sign post that read : Mind your step. How true!! Although the facilities department in my office complex referred to the steps in the center of the hall, it fits very well with the context of this topic.

We all have to 'Mind our step' in life as anything can change our life any moment. We don't get a warning notice like this. All it takes for our carefully planned, totally egoistic, very materialistic, extremely emotional life to vanish, is just a any devastation twist from the routine any moment, anytime and anywhere. So, it is important to watch our thoughts and mind the steps we take in life's journey, as long as we get to live. That way, we can tone down our minus points a little and focus on contributing to a bigger purpose in life.

"Always be ready to give a hand anytime, anywhere for anything that comes your way and needs your help" is my lesson from today's breakfast news.


Priya H said...

How true. An accident, a natural calamity, disease... cannot describe in words how much these could change one's life.

Musing Gal said...

Sometimes this sadness overwhelmes me.. the news from Indonesia and last month from China was also similar to this. But we will prosper in the end, I mean Human Beings as a species. This is part of evolution, we will come up with better means to tackle natural calamities. Japan is an example, see they got so adjusted to Earthquake it is no more a problem, they found ways around it. It is like a child falling down several times before learning to walk.

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