Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday Mornings - a new look

'Nothing happens by chance' is my latest belief. If ever, you have read me remarking otherwise in any of my blog posts, I don't recall and won't surely defend my earlier posts or opinions on it. May be I believed in chance earlier in life...

My train tickets for the Diwali trip I had planned, did not get confirmed and I had to book a flight ticket to Bangalore. I had a fantastic Diwali and was heading back to Bangalore. As our air craft inclined ground-ward a little, indicating that we are landing in a while, I recalled that tomorrow was Monday and that meant my vacation was coming to a close. I don't know why, but this is always the case after every long holiday, even if I am looking forward to an exciting piece of work in office...

While the premature Monday morning blues were setting in, I could not mistake the clearer images of the huge water puddles all over, as much as my small window view could permit. The recent floods in parts of Karnataka and Andhra came to my mind instantly. There was no mistake. I saw marshy waters eat into the remnants of the once rich paddy fields. I could not see the state of the devastated houses very clearly from the now, relatively low flying air plane, but I can say that a lot of houses would also have been inundated with water, if not destroyed completely.

Here I am flying in to the costliest city in South India, to get back to work in a corporate company that is doing better than most others and to live a life that gives me a number of reasons to be thankful about. I am sure most of us have quite a number of reasons to be glad about - to start with, we are in a position to look at this post, and not having to deal with a flooded house. That, in itself is a blessing-To be alive and to be in an off-danger zone.

The thought of how the flood-affected people's lives would be on this festival season, pained me a lot. It is so unfair that one segment from our population suffers so much while another segment looks at the whole suffering from a flying air craft's height. We just won't get it, would we? Not that I wish we must all be there to experience or extend in-person assistance to help the situation, but the least we can do is complain less about the beginning of a work week on every Monday. At least I am going to try sincerely from now on.

I do not know all the God-meant reasons for my Air travel today, as yet, but I think I have identified one of them for sure - Be thankful for what you have. It is not that this lesson was not taught to us earlier, but it seems so right to have this re-iterated over and over again, because it seems very difficult to remember.

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Priya H said...

Grass looks greener on the other side.
Sometimes we even go to an extent that if we see the poorest of the poor, or someone with disability, we start finding reasons as to why their lives are better than ours :(

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