Thursday, October 01, 2009

The law that rules....

The only law that rules the world : Murphy's law is the only law that does not go wrong.[ If you find it difficult to follow; I am just trying to say that Murphy's law is the only law that works correct].
For those who forgot ( conveniently forgot or have been blissfully unaware of Murphy's law) Murphy's law states that : If anything can go wrong, it surely will.

Thanks to the gtalk conversation that I had sometime ago with a friend. I was marvelled at the fact that something went wrong so predictably at the right time.. And the response from my friend was what you read above, on 'The only law that rules the world'. Of course this is not a pessimistic view point, just a little too realistic than you want to accept. If we accept, we save some visits to our doctor.

If we don't, our doctor will tell us the same thing...but in context with our health.[I am sure you don't want to imagine your doctor saying: "I am doing all I can to help your health situation, but I wish you had understood the law that rules the world earlier... I am sorry, but I believe in the law that rules the world, more so, in my profession...May God Bless me, as I am holding the surgical knife today". Scary? Yeah, I intended to keep it that way, so we all understand better:-)]

Now, don't be too smart and say, Murphy's law governs the world and when I know it cannot go wrong, why should I bother much about life or health or anything for that matter?. The only answer I can comprehend is: It is easier to take life easy when you are aware of the Law that Rules.

The next time someone says, 'Take it easy', we'll know what they mean.:-)

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Enna aachu oru terror'a irukkeenga pOla :-)

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