Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hair loss, Mobile alerts and facts

It was a slow afternoon at work. I was trying to make some sense out of all the information that I had on a specific subject. My phone was not even in my thoughts. I was jotting down points, scrolling window panes on my desktop computer, switching between emails and applications, when there was a "Beep Beep".... once...[ Cant be my phone!!! Don't know why I was so confident!!!, but I had forgotten to silence my phone in the morning].. the second time, the same Beep seemed louder and then I looked around for my phone... The third Beep was too loud and I had to look at the most important message of the day:

No more hair fall & Dandruff!! Get New Hair!! Buy XYZ oil Rs.1750, Free Head Massage, Guaranteed Result. No side effects. Call 121212121.

And I was tempted to write back, " Yeah, right, No Results and Guaranteed side effects!!!!". I was irritated for a second and then immediately laughed out loud.

Who is going to tell these people that any amount of hair oil or hair care cannot help people working in ever-lit, air-conditioned, closed work spaces. The pollution, the work stress, the change in weather by the second, the salty water add to the hair loss.

What makes people think that sending blastogram type of sms to every number available in a mobile phone directory is going to get business?? The first response is irritation when such messages come in at mid-day during work, when your hair loss is of least priority [ Aaammam, Romba mukyam!!! was my first reaction ]. I thought, if I set a Do not Disturb against my number with my service provider, I wont get unsolicited marketing alerts at an unexpected hour. I guess, I am all wrong... We do have to specify our numbers in different forms and sites and courier envelopes. Wonder if people pick up contact numbers from there or are sending out messages to any random number!!!

That said, I'll tell you what my doctor said for the hair loss question that I asked him once: Stay home most of the time , Do not work, Do not travel much, Do not worry, and Cover your head when you go out on a sunny day, rainy day, or winter day. Then he said, if you can follow all of these ( Can you??) , then your hair oil, shampoo, fruit intake and health fundas would help your hair look like you see in one of the shampoo advertisements you admire!!!! Anything else anyone says is just to make you feel that you are doing something towards improving the lustre of your long hair.

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