Thursday, October 22, 2009

T-shirt Smiles

There are some things that you cannot miss or cannot escape your eyes. A black T-shirt with white letters scribbled across is definitely one such 'You-must-read-this' invite.

Not that I need an invitation to read T-shirts.[ Bad habit?? I admit, don't tell me about it!!!! I think they write on T-shirts only so someone reads. I love to read T-shirt thoughts and I attribute this to my college times when I was volunteered into the T-shirt designing group. We had a day's time to come up with a design and thought on the class T-shirt. It was not accepted is a different story altogether, but I did enjoy every bit of the night out we spent sketching and re-sketching, writing and re-writing; hated every second of clearing up the paper-strewn floor the next morning...]
That was a nostalgic thought that came to my head as I started this post.

At the bus stop yesterday, I read this Black T-shirt : I'm the guy your mom warned you about!!!
Super-cool presence of mind, I must say.. :) I smiled and hoped that no one saw me smiling. :)

I had headache yesterday and was just waiting to get home.. As I got off the bus and proceeded to walk, I rubbed my temples to soothe the pain a bit.. I read this Black T-shirt : I can give Head aches to an Aspirin!!!
What a timing, I thought and smiled automatically; Felt my headache smile away too :)

I dont know if there are awards given for the best scribbles on T-shirts, but I must say, I really feel like conducting one such contest to see what kind of interesting one-liners people come up with.


nishitak said...

Ya, this is totally addictive. Even I love reading wordings on T-shirts.

But, haven't come across as many interesting ones as you seem to have through :)

SG said...

:), I have a thing for these t-shirts too, to an extent of even giving them to my thatha.

There is one t-shirt that always makes me smile; reads "My sister went to Grand canyon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt", you get this in almost all tourist spots and for all relations and it makes me grin everytime, as I imagine my brother or someone wearing it :D!

SK said...

:-) I am planning to make a collection now.... :-)

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